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+ How to get off a single layer?

Many Slicing softwares automatically include a single layer outline of the part to prime the extruder and hotend prior to starting the print. These cannot be removed by flexing the Build Plate. Usually picking at it with your fingernail is enough to peel up a small portion of it. If that doesn’t work then you can use use the point of a Razor Blade to pick up a portion of the layer. Do not scrape with a metal blade or it will damage the coating.

+ My Build Plate slide on the Magnetic Base. How do I prevent that?

This can happen sometimes with larger parts. The peeling forces can be so high that it pulls the Build Plate off the magnets. You can add a few binder clips to the edges to hold the Build Plate down.

+ Is the RT Build Plate Better than HT for PLA?

The HT Build Plates can print nearly any part in PLA when heated to 50C. However, some users find that they get better quality PLA prints when not using a heated bed.