GeckoTek for Robo3D

GeckoTek offers the most Advanced and Versatile 3D Printer Build Surface available. GeckoTek Magnetic Base System allows for quick and easy plate removal and attachment.

For more info on GeckoTek Build Plates click here.  Installation Instructions can be found here.

*** The Robo3D Magnetic Base distributes heat evenly across the entire print area unlike the stock glass platform. Due to this, the bed heater only has enough power reach about 75C. We will have a 24V power supply upgrade available soon that will allow it to reach 110C easily.

Robo 3D R1, R1+
from 39.00

The Robo3D Magnetic Base replaces the glass plate, bed heater and thermister that comes standard. This model works with any Robo3D Printer except for kickstarter version that used draw slides on the y-axis. Robo3D Build Plates are 267x257mm,

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