GeckoTek for RepRaps

GeckoTek offers the most Advanced and Versatile 3D Printer Build Surface available. GeckoTek Magnetic Base System allows for quick and easy plate removal and attachment.

For more info on GeckoTek Build Plates click here.  Installation Instructions can be found here.

RepRap MK2, Duplicator i3, Kossel Clear ABS
from 39.00

Also works with the Duplicator i3, and the Kossel Clear ABS Version. It will fit any 3D Printer that has the standard MK2 PCB Heater. MK2 Build Plates are 220x220mm. 

**If you you have a Prusa style 3D printer where the bed moves along the Y-axis, we not typically recommended a Build Plate only. The Magnetic Base will add about 1.2kg (2.5lbs) to the Y-axis which may require you to reduce the print speed to avoid wobbling. Contact us if you have questions.**

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