CEL Robox 3D Printers

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CEL Robox 3D Printers


GeckoTek offers the most advanced and versatile print bed solution for your 3D printing needs. GeckoTek Build Plates have a permanent coating that provides the optimum level of adhesion to prevent warping and provide easy part removal. 

Choose your printer, then select the GeckoTek Products that best fit your needs. HT and NY Build Plates are available for the CEL Robox. For more info on GeckoTek Build Plates click here.

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GeckoTek Build Plates are designed to be used with a GeckoTek Magnetic Base. If a Magnetic Base is not available for your printer you can use binder clips or tape (NOT INCLUDED) to secure it down to the stock build surface.

We will be expanding our inventory of Magentic Bases soon, enter your email address below for updates