+ How are GeckoTek Build Plates different than other build surfaces?

We are so glad you asked! GeckoTek Build Plates are the first build surface scientifically developed specifically for 3D Printing. We designed each coating to have the optimal properties to allow you to spend more time printing and less time gluing and scraping.

+ Which Build Plates do I need?

We developed the RT Build Plate for printers that do not have a heated bed (RT=room temperature). It is primarily for PLA although some other PETT/PETGs also work well. The HT Build Plate (HT=high temperature) was designed to be a multi-purpose Build Plate for 3D Printers with Heated beds. It works with ABS, PLA, PETT/PETG and many more. The NY Build Plate is the first Build Surface designed specifically for Nylon.

+ What filaments work with GeckoTek?

Almost all ABS, PLA, PETT, PETG, TPE and Nylon filaments can be printed with GeckoTek. See the User Guide for details on what filaments work with each Build Plate. If you would Like

+ What is a Magnetic Base?

Magnetic Bases are precision machined aluminum plates with embedded Magnets. They allow for quick and easy attachment of GeckoTek Build Plates to your 3D Printer. We highly recommend getting a Magnetic Base to get the most out of your Build Plate.

+ My 3D Printer doesn’t have a Magnetic Base option. Can I get one?

We are in the process of expanding our Magnetic Base selection. We would love to get your feedback on which printers to support. All you need to do is fill out the New Product Survey.

+ How long do the Build Plates last?

We have customers that report over 300 prints on a single Build Plate. The exact number depends on the usage . If you take care for your Build Plates properly they will last well over 100 prints. We estimate the average user will get 1-2 year of use out of the plates.

+ Is there any maintenance or re-application?

Not Much! We recommend wiping the surface down with isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth every 5-10 prints to keep the Build Plates just to remove dirt and oils. Other than that you can keep on using your Geckotek Build Plate over and over again.

All our coatings are permanent, meaning that we apply them under special conditions and then they never come off. We cannot re-apply the coatings if they are damaged or wear out.

+ Do you make custom Build Plates and Magnetic Bases?

We do make custom Build Plates. You can order those here.

We do not make custom Magnetic Bases at this time. We intend to post instructable on how to make your own soon.

+ Can I get bigger sizes?

Right now we limit the size of our Build Plates to 380 x 380mm. This is limited by our production process. We have received a lot of interest in large format 3D Printers and we are working on a solution.

+ Can I cut the Build Plate myself?

We do not recommend cutting Build Plates. It is very easy to kink or bend them and then they will never sit flat again. Also the cutting process often leaves very sharp edges than can cut you badly. If you choose to cut them any way it will void all warranties. The Build Plates are made from 22ga stainless steel. If you have the equipment to cut sheet metal then we can’t stop you. Please be careful!

+ Are the Build Plates flexible?

They are. However it is just sheet metal so it is possible to bend them to far. Light pressure with finger tips is all that is needed to remove parts.

+ Do I need a brim or raft?

The vast majority of parts will print perfectly with no raft or brim. This leads to nicer looking parts and less material use. Some extremely difficult large parts (>9” long) may need a small brim to prevent slight lifting in the corners.